Church of Saint Clair

Eglise Saint Clair [Cliquez ici pour agrandir]The church was built on the site of a Roman villa, with the discovery of lamps and remains of brick walls supporting this theory.

It is also attested by ancient texts (1150-1186). The Lord of Donville gave the building and its grounds away in the 13th century...

Though it is not possible to date its construction exactly, this place of worship has been dedicated to Saint Clair since the 9th century, when she meditated and prayed for two years by the fountain now named after her. The fountain can still be found on the little path that runs alongside the cemetery and descends towards the marsh.

After the tumult of the Revolution, the church was reopened in 1802 and restoration work started in 1829. The church has remarkable furnishings: benches decorated with 27 individual geometrical patterns sculpted by the cabinet maker Arondel, a rare occurrence in this region.

Another point of interest is an altarpiece from the 18th century, which is listed on the French heritage register. The wooden lectern is sculpted and decorated and there are two statues "The education of the Virgin by Saint Anne" and "Saint Emerentiana".

The most interesting decorative features of this church are the four stained glass windows (1883) made by Duhamel-Marette, the master glass maker of the famous Evreux Cathedral.  The harmony of their tones and colours caught the attention of the French "Académie des Beaux Arts", and they were added to the French heritage register in 1996.

Worship has not been practised in the church for several years, as it now exists as a cultural destination.

Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes

Eglise Notre Dame de Lourdes [Cliquez ici pour agrandir] [Cliquez pour agrandir] A modern looking building, this church was built in 1958 on the route de Coutances. The large liturgies of the new parish of Saint Clément frequently take place here.

A lot of time can be spent in this cultural destination appreciating the baptistery, the crosses, the statues of the virgin and the ambo.

The three crosses of the church:

  • The large cross painted by Lariviere symbolises humanity journeying towards God
  • The enamelled altar cross by Mr Froidemont
  • The stripped wood crucifix (19th century), which comes from the church of Saint Clair

Donville-les-Bains Rectory

Abbot: Jean-Luc Lefrancois

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